The Second National Conference On

Sustainable Development in Energy, Water and Environmental Engineering Systems

Date of the conference: March 2017
Submission deadline: January 2017

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  The first meeting of the oil, gas and petrochemical specialized committee was held up with the participation of senior managers of oil ministry, National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company (N.I.O.R.D) and National Iranian Gas Company (N.I.G.C) in 26th October in oil ministry [...]

Offering tens recommendations for sustainable development research

  Offering tens recommendations for sustainable development research 🎓 Warning about rapid environment destruction in the IUST sustainable development conference steering committee meeting ✅ First meeting of sustainable development in energy, water and environment engineering systems conference [...]

Conference chair’s message

Sustainable development as the main index in progressing of the developed societies is now a concerned criteria of any human activities nowadays and in the future, because ignoring this important subject in productions, utilizing sources, economic and social decision makings, etc. could result in irreparable damages to human environment. Hence The second national conference on sustainable development in energy, water and environmental engineering systems will be held up in February 2017 in Iran University of Science and Technology with participation of researchers of all over Iran in order to provide a suitable context to share researches outcomes done by professionals and experts in the intended field.

Hereby, all the researchers in scientific, academic and industrial centers, managers and experts in different public and private sectors are respectably invited to this conference so that they can play their precious rule in sustainable development of our dear country.

Seyed Mostafa Hosseinali Pour

Secretary of the second national conference on sustainable development in energy, water and environmental engineering systems

Conference Topics

1. Industry and sustainable development
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation, railroad and ground transportation
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industry
  • Steel, cement, ceramic and glass
  • Chemical industries
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Nano and bio industries
  • Material recycling
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Green technologies
2. Urban and rural sustainable development
  • Sustainable architecture and smart/ self-sufficient buildings
  • Architecture and green/ zero-energy buildings
  • Field-oriented architecture
  • Sustainable climate, architecture and environment
  • Native architecture patterns
  • Sustainable urban land scape
  • Architecture rule in creating ecological city
  • Architecture and recyclable materials
  • City building and sustainable development
3. Energy and environment pollution
  • Energy recovery in industry
  • Renewable energies and alternative fuels
  • Gas and thermal power plants
  • Environmental pollutant control
  • Hydro power plants
  • CO2 emission reduction methods in the main industries
  • Wind/solar power plants
  • Energy production, transfer and storage systems
  • Water, air, soil and noise pollution
4. Water, environment and sustainable development
  • The rule of hygienic sewage disposal in people health and food security
  • Water and urban/ rural sustainable development
  • Green economy and its effect on water and environment
  • Water crisis, opportunities and challenges
  • Water recycling and its effect on environment
  • The effect of water quality and wastewater on sustainable development
  • Examining virtual water, production improvement and its effect on environment
  • Water and energy
5. Green economy management and sustainable development
  • Free zones and sustainable development
  • Banks and sustainable development
  • Green management, green economy
  • Reduction of poverty, empowerment and sustainable development
  • Passive defense and sustainable development
6. Outer space and sustainable development

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Members of the Scientific Committee

Frequently asked questions

Where is the conference held?

The conference will be held at Iran University of Science and Technology. For more information, please refer to the Contact Us section.

Can I submit my paper to another journal or conference simultaneously?

Submitting papers to two sources (Journal, conference, …) is not right; it is not acceptable from the perspective of the conference.

I have already sent my paper through e-mail, is it necessary to upload it again through the system?

Certainly. The Secretariat isn’t responsible for registering paper that haven’t been uploaded on the site.

How do I submit my paper?

From the paper submission section, fill the appropriate form and upload your paper.

Is it possible to review the papers after submission?

No, this is not possible.

How do I pay conference fees?

The cost of selected papers is payable through online payment gateway.

When is the conference held?

Hopefully, this conference will be held in March 2016.

For papers with multiple authors, is there a limit on the presenter?

Paper presentation is at your own choice; a presentation certificate will be issued for all the authors.

When and how will the evaluation results of the papers be announced?

Track Schedule of events from the secretariat website of the conference. Any schedule changes will be updated on the site.

Is it possible to for each person to submit more than one paper?

Yes, it is permitted form the secretariat’s point of view.